Student Testimonials

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. There were no belts and board breaking like I had seen in most martial arts schools. The approach was different and the concepts were revolutionary. It was challenging in the beginning when I was first learning the foundational ideas such as good posture and right hand positioning. But as I learned those concepts and trained regularly, I saw the lessons from kung fu spilling over into other areas of my life as I became more confident, more relaxed, and better able to handle pressure and challenges that you normally face in life. Putting my skills to the test in sparring sessions with mixed martial artists, I was able to see just how effective and efficient Wing Chun is when it comes to self defense and fighting. It truly is a unique system. I’m glad I started studying this great art.

Randy T

Joining Ving Tsun has been a great decision that has incorporated a new outlook on life through superior training and understanding. Kung Fu life has created a healthy lifestyle that feels welcoming with the training becoming very rewarding and fun. By joining this unique style of martial arts I have found the school to be just what I needed with much more than I ever expected. That Ving Tsun System has been completely different from any other system with the style of learning allowing the mind to understand the reasoning for different techniques while applying them with very little or no thought. Joining this school has been the best decision I have made while living in Tallahassee and the training at this facility easily tops all others in what I’m looking for. The rewards from training with Sifu have been phenomenal and have had a great influence on how I live my daily life. I highly recommend training at this school to individuals interested in gaining martial intelligence and enhancing their mind.

Richie F.

When I first joined Ving Tsun, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t read the website like you smart folks are doing. I didn’t even know what Ving Tsun was. I joined because I was looking for a good way to work out, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to fight. A self-defense system matched this criterion perfectly. I told myself that I would give it at least two months, no matter how I felt about it. I was surprised at the approach the school took. On my first day, I witnessed intense chi sao matches. Chi sao (Ving Tsun sensitivity exercise) certainly looked like the kind of workout I was looking for. However, I didn’t start out learning chi sao. I started out learning the basic stance, arm movements, etc. (I was expecting something more like the boxing “throw them in the ring” approach). I didn’t think Ving Tsun was what I was looking for, after all, but I had made myself a promise that I intended to keep. By the end of the two months, I was hooked. The closer I got to chi sao, the more I wanted to stay. It was at a point where I had learned the foot work , hand work, body positioning, and all sorts of theory. I ended up staying simple because I loved the training style, the environment, the other students, and the Sifu. In what seemed like no time at all, I was participating in the much sought after chi sao. I used to run sprints, and I joined while I was still working out at a gym regularly, but neither of those aspects prepared me for the kind of work out chi sao supplied. After chi sao, I would often leave with my entire body tired. By the time I had reached chi sao, however, I found my goals had changed. It wasn’t until later that I realized I only joined in the first place for a good work out and to learn how to fight. Simply going through the system helped mature my goals and expectations. Ving Tsun gives you a great workout, a good form of cardio, a method for self-defense, and help mental growth. I’m glad to be part of this kung fu family.

Brandon S.

You can start here at any age or at any level of physical fitness. There is no belt system or rank. There is only skill. This is a very practical form of martial arts where the focus is less on strength and speed and more on practical techniques of direction of force and joint angles, which may sound simplistic but are very effective. The best part of training is that its hands-on from the first day. Everyone is here to have fun, learn and teach and Sifu (teacher) is very personable and down to earth.


Best place in town to learn Wing Chun! You won't find anywhere in Tallahassee with a sifu as great as the one here. Sifu cares for all of his students. Everyone here is very friendly and we treat each other like family. This is the only place in town that you can train for as long as you want. If you've been looking around Tallahassee for as place to learn Kung fun and money and time are an issue look no further. You get the most for your money, almost endless training hours 4 days a week and you move at your own pace, you can join any time you like! If your on the fence about learning Kung Fu come on out and give it a try!


My friend introduced me to this school about 5 months ago and I'm so glad he did! I've been trying to find a good place to learn self-defense, and this is definitely that place! When I started, Sifu warmly welcomed me and explained the basics. He is kind, understanding, experienced in the art, and full of wisdom. I also cannot forget to mention how awesome the other students are! Many more experienced students help you and will explain moves and positions so you can actually understand why you do them. You can really feel a sense of family here. You go at your own pace, and the learning is very organized so you can track your progress. It's only been about five months but already I feel more confident in my self-defense skills. I definitely recommend this school to anyone!!


Quality experience and great people. I'm greatful to have found such an experience in Tallahassee!


Ving Tsun has helped me to find more efficient ways to get my goals done as well as given me more of a clear mind. When I use to train MMA I use to have different thinking. I been with Sifu 3 years now and I no longer worry about confrontation or should I say training at the school help changed my thought process. Its very interesting also I liked seeing new students go through similar development.

Rubin P.

I have been studying Ving Tsun under Sifu Hung for over a year now. I expected to see flashy moves like in the movies but found a more serious less flashy self defense with real world applications. My experience thus far has been very positive and rewarding. Sifu Hung is able to breakdown the system and techniques into simple practical concepts that are easy to understand. Since I began my training I have found my patience and reflexes have improved exponentially. A relaxed laid back training setting, recommend for anyone looking for a highly effective fighting system that focuses on speed, economy of motion and efficiency.

Dennis A.

“I’ve come to cherish Ving Tsun as something integral to my wellbelling, and appreciate its application to daily life. With Ving Tsun I’ve learned that the issues faced in daily life are not eschewed during practice, but are instead dealt with head on. At Ving Tsun we do not get caught up asking why we are pressed with obstacles, but rather move forward asking how we can overcome them. This practice is founded on humility and honesty. Sometimes I may get anxious or disappointed with my work in kung fu or academia or whatever, but through the teachings and application of the Ving Tsun system I have gained patience and learned to find ways to better both my strengths and my weaknesses. At Moy Yat Ving Tsun one is encouraged to be his or her self as it not only assists one’s kung fu, but is essential in developing it.”

Will W.

I first started coming to Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu to try a different form of exercise. I found the website and it sounded fun so I thought I’d try it out. After coming to a few classes I found that I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the family style teaching. It’s a lot more laid back and I like that. A few months into my training I realized that i was no longer going so that I could try a different form of fitness. I was going because I wanted to learn more of the system and because I noticed that the principles and ideas were starting to spill over into the other areas of my life. I was suddenly thinking about my structure while I was working and as a massage therapist having good structure is very important. Also, I found out quickly that going to class is fun. You get to meet new people and everybody helps contribute to each other’s growth. So whether you’re looking for a new way to be fit, want a fun activity to do, want to try a new martial art, or are looking for a new way to achieve personal growth I highly recommend trying Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu. It will change your life.

Marlin P.

I began Ving Tsun because of how adaptable it can be to any body type or fitness level. Being a woman, I have been intimated by many martial arts and therefore never learned. I enjoy Ving Tsun because I determine my potential, not a mandatory, structured class with everyone doing the same repetitive motions. The family style of Moy Yat Ving Tsun of Tallahassee is very welcoming and a reason why I have enjoyed my kung fu family. There are always brothers and sisters available to help when you have question and everyone is willing to help the younger students learn the basics.

Niki R.

What I found most unique about the school is that it is very humble and family oriented. When I first stepped foot into the school, I could not figure out who the Sifu of the school was. It was not a boastful environment with the Sifu as the top dog, but rather one filled with laughs and very little ego. There is no belt system or ranking to show who is better than who. Every person in the school is like a family member. Sifu is like a father. He teaches each student and tailors new drills according to their needs like his own children. It is very contradictory to common stereotype of having the main instructor lecture in front of a class. Furthermore, every other student acts like a brother or sister that assists in my growth with the art. As older siblings teach younger ones, there is no fear of being corrected because each individual strives to achieve the best kung fu. Also the roles will be passed down as the younger siblings as they gain younger brothers and sisters that join after them. Then they will have the chance to guide their younger siblings and as a result be able to reinforce what they know into words. I am very privileged to have the opportunity to learn and be a part of this humble Kung Fu family.

Norman W.

As a petite female, I appreciate Wing Chun’s focus on using sensitivity, redirection, and deflection when dealing with a larger, stronger opponent. There’s always someone stronger than you, and if your attacker is stronger, then you need to have the tools to defend yourself without relying on muscle and overpowering. Wing Chun has enabled me to take the tools that I was born with, and maximize their potential when it comes to self defense by respecting my natural built and size. This art truly equips the smaller, weaker opponent to defend themselves against the bigger stronger attacker. “

Sharrisse W.

I researched about the system, (Ving Tsun Kung Fu) after watching the movie “Ip Man”. I highly recommend that potential students go check out the movie to see an overall picture of Ving Tsun and its flavor. I think Ving Tsun is a great system and have very good theories and concept on self-defense/fighting. I also think it is difficult for some people to see how effective it can be. From my own experience you really need to experience the actual training. I guarantee that you will not regret trying. To be honest, after visiting a class and seeing the different sensitivity drills being taught I wasn’t yet hooked and I ended up checking out other schools in the area. In fact, I almost join another school after seeing the instructor and a student going at it. It look more like the fighting that I was use to seeing on the UFC. I decided to go watch another class and question Sifu Hung further on my thoughts. We ended up discussing more about the art and he showed me Ving Tsun in action. I’m super glad I decided to give it a chance. Sometimes you just got to experience it for yourself. I’m glad I try it. Since moving to Texas, I visited and tried several Ving Tsun/Wing Chun schools. Some of the instructors had decades and decades of practice and experience in the system or so they say. They certainly fit the age description. I’m sad to say that I am not satisfied with what I saw or what was taught and wish that I could find the same quality instruction. As of current, I am trying to start a small club. To seekers of the way, good luck in finding a good school and if you give it a chance I’m sure you’ll love it as I have.

Adnan Q

In the 8 years that I have known and trained with Sifu Ying-Hung, he has always been extremely passionate about Ving Tsun Kung-Fu. To add to that, he has always shown a dedicated work ethic and high degree of intelligence with regard to how he trains and teaches. Despite his youthful appearance, his skill-set definitely reflects the experience of a well-seasoned fighter and martial artist. This I can personally attest to. In addition to that, Sifu Ying-Hung is an example of the Kung-Fu life, in that he has always shown loyalty to his Sifu and established relationships with his Si-Hing's and Si-Dai's. Without a doubt, Sifu Ying-Hung is a contemporary martial artist who is able to effectively blend a traditional martial art into a contemporary world, without watering down the system nor forgetting the roots of where it came from.

Allon B.

The school is amazing. They work with your schedule, and provide a fun, and light hearted atmosphere to work out and learn in. Everyone here is respectful, courteous, and always willing to lend a hand.

Chad H.

Before joining the kung fu family here, I was a practitioner of many styles of martial arts. For many years I practiced Taekwondo, Karate, and Muay Thai. My last instructor was five-time world Champion, in professional Kick Boxing. However, my view on the martial art changed and the possibilities of what martial art can do for everyone also changed. There were many things I couldn’t understand before when Sifu told me “Ving Tsun focuses on depth rather than breadth”. With the passing time I feel I understand the martial arts better. Also I feel I am improving in ways I never thought existed. There is so much more than just relying on attributes of techniques, speed, strength, and accuracy. I feel there is so much potential of growth due to the approach that Wing Chun takes. I do not know if they do not exist in other arts but I never heard it spoken of. It took time to understand this. It also takes time for Sifu to share his experiences with you. To be good in the martial arts the student requires three essential things. It requires a good student, a good system and a good teacher. There is no doubt Sifu is a good teacher because of how passionate he is and the time and efforts he put into his and the students training every day. The theories of the system speaks for themselves, the only part I have to worry about is being a good student.

An D.

Learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu has been a great way for me to develop better mind-body awareness and tune into the kind of energy I’m receiving from another. I’ve started to develop healthier habits outside school as well and can see that continued Ving Tsun learning will have a positive effect on all aspects of my life. The way that our school is structured is in a traditional family style which adds a great sense of community to the practice. It’s a great way to work out, learn self-defense, get in touch with your body, and make new friends. I highly recommend it!

Mike Dow

Studied at this school 13 years ago. I had to move back to NC and training took a back burner. I was happy to re-connect with this organization recently. My foundation and sensitivity to an opponents position in space are still good 13 years later. This school was a game changer for me in that it taught me a lot about myself. It also allows me to kick 99% of peoples butt if I need to. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Sam C.

I had taken up Tae Kwon Do before discovered Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Day to day, we did forms. I didn't understand the concept nor see how I could apply it to my daily life. I no longer train in TKD, and I no longer remember any of the forms. I have been practicing VT for almost seven years now. Being theory based there were times when I didn't train up to six month and still remember everything or it would take a little training to get back on track. With Ving Tsun, even though it took time I felt I could do things that if I was still in TKD would never allow me to do. TKD is based on a lot of physical attributes, but with VT, I “feel” the system is more reasonable due to the fact that I am 4' 11" tall, 95 lb female. Through using the principles and concepts of VT, I am able to deal much better with men bigger, stronger and faster than me.


Sifu is a great teacher. He shows a lot of passion in what he does and gives a lot of time and effort to wing chun and the students. If you get to know him on a personal level, he is also a good friend as well. I am very lucky to have met him and spent some time with him. I've learned a lot through that time and am very grateful to have soaked up some of his knowledge. His time and effort has really had an impact on my martial art skills and life as well. I am thankful for everything he has done for me. My only regret is moving too soon before delving into the deeper aspects of the system.

Ross MS

I met Sifu Ying-Hung through a family friend. I try to get with him every time he travels here. Those who know him will tell you, he is a dedicated practitioner of Ving Tsun kung fu. He is very knowledgeable on the martial arts. Just have a chat with him and you’ll see what I mean. I have met many people who put him in high regards. What strike me most about him is his sense of humor and how down to earth he is. In fact, by mere appearances, if I didn’t know better I would of never guess he even dabbles in the martial arts.

Kenny SC

When I first came to the school I was unsure of what I was looking for, thinking of kung fu only as animal styles and acrobatic fighting. At the Ving Tsun school I found something else. I was surprised at the appearance of the school thinking it to be more of a warehouse than a typical school you would see. Being self-assured, Sifu encouraged me to go and look at other kung fu schools in town because it may not be what I was looking for. But, after talking with Sifu and learning what Ving Tsun was, I knew I had to train here. I have found this place to be a true gem in Tallahassee. Since I have started training I have been to a handful of Kung Fu schools where I am from (Tampa) and in New York, and Philadelphia. From experience, I must say Sifu has a deep understanding of the art. Sifu is very thoughtful and detail oriented with the system he passes down. Everything truly makes physical sense.

Spencer Funk

In a very short time I was able to acquire skill and knowledge that has always been there for me. I would like to thank my Sifu and his family for all of their patience with and dedication to this system, the students, the school and its continued existence. It is a wonderful place to spend your time and you will be greatly rewarded if you decide to walk this path.

David Bonilla

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